Audio: David Stess: Christmas Hero

Many New Yorkers will be heading out this week to buy a Christmas tree from a local vendor. But what is the holiday season like for the workers selling those trees? Decca Muldowney set out to find out what life in the Christmas tree business is like. And on the way, she met one, very unconventional Christmas hero.

Audio: First Time Voter: Achint Chhachhi

More than two million Indians live in the US today, making them the second-largest immigrant group in the country. But for Indians living in here, voting can be difficult. We hear from one Indian immigrant who is about to cast a ballot for the first time in twenty years.

Print: Can Social Media Help Fight Gentrification In Astoria?

Astoria is one of New York City’s most rapidly gentrifying neighborhoods, according to a 2015 New York University study of rising rents and changing demographics. But it didn’t take an academic study to alert some Astorians that development was altering their neighborhood. Alarmed by the area’s vanishing history, a handful of locals have taken to social media to try to preserve memories – and just possibly slow the pace of change.

Online: Verso Books Blogs

As an editorial assistant at Verso Books in London, I wrote numerous pieces for the Verso Blog on authors like Rebecca Solnit, Simon Critchley, Immanuel Wallerstein, Stephen Graham, Avi Shlaim, and Jacques Rancière.