A Short History of Threats Received by Donald Trump’s Opponents (ProPublica)

The pattern goes beyond Stormy Daniels.

So What The Hell Is Doxxing? (ProPublica)

Remember Gamergate?Or when the identity of that dentist who killed Cecil the Lion was posted?Or that man who was wrongly identified as the Boston Marathon bomber? Those were doxxes.

Houston-Area Officials Approved a Plan for Handling a Natural Disaster — Then Ignored It (ProPublica)

Harris County foresaw key risks, including a slow response from the Red Cross, but never implemented its strategy.

Days Of Deportation: Sixty Scenes of Immigration Enforcement in the Age of Trump (Slate)

Snapshots from the first sixty days of Donald Trump's immigration enforcement.

Can Social Media Help Fight Gentrification In Astoria? (GlobalCityNYC)

 Alarmed by the area’s vanishing history, a handful of locals have taken to social media to try to preserve memories – and just possibly slow the pace of change.

Info Wars: Inside The Left's Online Efforts to Out White Supremacists (ProPublica)

An anonymous group of vigilantes works to identify racists, a legally gray tactic known as doxxing that comes with plenty of risk for all.

"What The Hell Is Doxxing?" On X-Ray FM

I was a guest on X-Ray In The Morning, talking about doxxing, what it is, and how to protect yourself.

Texas Official After Harvey: Red Cross Was Not There (ProPublica)

Once again, there were appeals for donations to the Red Cross. And once again, local officials are saying the charity hasn’t delivered.


The Pipes, The Pipes Are Calling (Trumplandia Magazine)

Donald Trump says the he wants to build pipelines like they did in the old days. What does that mean?

In London, Young Mothers Declare They Will Not Be Moved (Waging Nonviolence)

Young mothers have been fighting their eviction from an East London hostel in a year-long struggle that has become a symbol of the housing crisis across the city.

Is It Right To Dox A Nazi? (On The Media)

I appeared on WNYC's On The Media discussing my reporting on antifascists doxxing white supremacists.


FEMA Had A Plan For Responding To The Hurricane In Puerto Rico - But It Doesn't Want You To See It (ProPublica)

The disaster-relief agency, under fire after Hurricane Maria, won’t release the plan, even as a comparable document for Hawaii remains public.

Post-Harvey Red Cross Failures on AirTalk with Larry Mantle

I was a guest on KPCC's AirTalk with Larry Mantle, talking about ProPublica's reporting on the Red Cross in Texas post-Hurricane Harvey.

Make America White Again: A Play In Three Acts (Trumplandia Magazine)

What one podcast can tell us about the alt-right's plans for a future white ethno-state on American soil.

In UK, Big-Labor Strikes And Low-Wage Struggles Jockey For Future (Waging Nonviolence)

While the largest trade unions continue to use more traditional methods, low-paid, precarious workers across the United Kingdom are taking matters into their own hands.